Useful Android Terminal Emulator Commands You Should Know

If you are a developer, it is important that you remember some of the commands that you can use in the terminal emulator. While you try to memorize these commands, you need to understand that maximum of these commands are similar with the Linux commands, so if you know the shell programming well enough, you will have no hard time to memorize the commands and use them at the time of need.

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These are some of the commands you should remember always and they can come really handy:

Cat: This is a command that can help you to look at, combine or modify a file. You can also read the file without opening it and copy the content of that file to a new file.

Chmod: This is a very interesting command to use. You can actually control the files privacy with this command. There are 3 types of right to a file, read, write and execute. You can provide permission to some user or revoke the permission with this command.

Cd: to change the current directory, you can use this command.

Cp: this is a command to copy a file to a new location

Dd: you can copy a folder or a drive entirely to a new location with this command.

Dd if=of: this command is to select the input or the output file.

Exit: this command is to exit you out of the terminal. You can use the Su to get back the login screen again.

Ls: it will give you the listings of the all directories present in the file system.

Mv: this command is for copying a file to another place. You can also choose to rename the file you are relocating.

Su:  Su stands for the substitute user. And you can switch between the root user and the original user at all.

Tar: this is to create zip files. It can support complex compression situations as well.

Rm: this is basically for the backup. You can do this before you want to reboot. Make sure to check whether you have saved every single data or not.

Few special commands to remember:

Well, apart from the above commands you need to memorize these special commands as well.

Df: this one is to check the free amount of disk space available in your mobile device

Top: this is to check the task manager and check the processes that are running.

Uptime: this command shows you the time for which the device has been working without any reboot at all.

Busy Box: this command is very much useful. And can be used by anyone really.


So, as it stands you can use the terminal for a good reason, but you will need to remember the codes or the commands. If you are good enough to take care of the commands as and when need, then there is no need of the helpers, So, get the android terminal today and enjoy the commands that you can remember.

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