Stop Updating Terminal Emulator for Android

Is v1.0.70 the last version of Terminal Emulator for Android?

As you already know Terminal Emulator for Android / Android Terminal Emulator is the best Terminal Emulator which enable to access your built-in system of your Android phone. Because you can do changes to your Linux-based Android system as you want by using some commands.

Terminal Emulator for Android v1.0.70 is the latest version currently available to use. If you are not using this great APK, please download by below link.

Terminal Emulator for Android Download Button

There is a special reason to write this post. Jack Palevich (jackpal) is the developer of this great app and all credits goes to him. He has given a hint at GitHub website on 15th April 2015 as he going to stop updating the Terminal Emulator for Android after next version. That mean the version v1.0.70.

“I’ve decided to wrap up working on Terminal Emulator for Android. The next release will be the final version of Terminal Emulator for Android that includes new features. There may be additional releases after that to fix regressions, but no new features.”

Actually we can prove this when looking at statistic page of Terminal Emulator for Android project at GitHub because we cannot see any update after April 2015.

Stat of Terminal Emulator for Androif
from GitHub

Why Jackpal stop updating Android Terminal Emulator?

The reason was, as an app developer he wanted to spend more time on his new projects. Because its taking too much time to maintaining the Terminal Emulator for Android. He like to keep this app as it is and he wanted to see an alternative for Android Terminal Emulator from other developers.

Finally, he has given the respect for all developers who contributed and special thanks for Developer Steven Luo and Graphic designer Nathanel Titane.

Thank you very much jackpal for developing a great app like Terminal Emulator for Android and sharing it free among android users.

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