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Is it possible to hack WiFi using Terminal Emulator for Android app?

For those who want to use Wi-fi facilities without paying for it, it is a very common question to ask whether they can hack into a Wi-fi using a terminal emulator. Well, technically yes! you can do that, but you need have some equipments and some expertise in android device.


Below are the steps you need to follow

  1. If you have BusyBox Pro downloaded, open it. It will ask for a permission. Click on the button that says Grant.
  2. Choose the correct path to install the Busybox. The path must be system/bin.
  3. Click on Install and wait for it to install successfully.
  4. Now you are half way through. Now you will need to install the WPA/WPS tester app and the Terminal Emulator as well. If any of the app asks for permission, just Grant permission to install. Now you need to wait, until the apps are installed. s
  5. After the installation is done, you need to start the Emulator and type SU. It will ask for permission. Give it the access and close other applications.
  6. Now open the tester app and enable its WIFI interface. Now scan the area for the wifi. Choose a wifi that needs a password and click on it. It will most likely ask for the pin to join in. Select the default pin option and then click on the button that says Verbose. It will open the terminal emulator. Hold and press on your device screen and it will paste the code. Wait for some time after you hit the “enter”.
  7. Now you will see that you are connected to the Wifi. If you want to know the password, click on the dots and you will be able to see the password.
  8. So, that is that! The wifi hacking is done using the terminal emulator on your android device. And with this method you can always enjoy free wifi anywhere you want.


Although, this method is a full proof one, but still you need to know about some of the problems that you might face.

  • In some cases the default pin way may not work on the terminal emulator. In this case you will need to try with other set of pins to open the wifi.
  • If the wifi is not getting connected automatically, you need to find the password and then you will have to connect with the wifi manually. You will need to select the wifi and enter the password manually.
  • In case your tester isn’t showing a wifi, you will need to reboot your phone or put your phone in the airplane mode. Now it will start to work again.
  • If you install the busybox app in a wrong path, uninstall it and reinstall in the correct path mentioned above.
  • In case the terminal emulator comes up with unknown error, wait for some time before you try again. This should be the best solution to your problems and you will be able to connect back to the wifi again.

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